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1 Blog Title Generator

1 Blog Title Generator WordPress plugin

Install and customize

Learn how to install, manage and customize the plugin.


  • (Optional) Edit the values in the plugin file (define...) for your convenience (see below).
  • Upload the plugin file to /wp-content/plugins/.
  • Activate the plugin in the WordPress panel.
  • The plugin will add automatically the meta tags. It will also use a buffer output function to replace the title. If you want to avoid this (it might cause problems with other plugins using the output buffer), set the constant OBTG_REPLACE_TITLE to false and add the function obtg_title() into the theme (usually in the file header.php):
    • <title><?php obtg_title() ?></title>


  • OBTG_SEPARATOR: String that will be used as separator between the several elements of the title (": " by default).
  • OBTG_SITE_NAME_FIRST: Option to include the site name at the beginning of the title instead of at the ending (false by default).
  • OBTG_REPLACE_TITLE: Option to replace the title automatically with no need to edit the theme (true by default).

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